The Hamburg Summer School on Ultra-Fast Laser Physics and Novel Accelerator Concepts will take place in Hamburg from 22nd-26th August 2022.


  • Basics of high power lasers
  • Basics of strong-field laser physics
  • Attosecond physics and radiation sources in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV)
  • Basics of laser plasma physics
  • Laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA)
  • Ion acceleration
  • Ultra-fast X-ray sources
  • Novel applications of laser-driven photon and particle sources
  • Applications of secondary radiation sources in technology, for example in medical therapy, material inspection and inertial confinement fusion

Photo by Matthias Jordan


The summer school aims at bringing together renown scientists with international students who are interested in the field of strong-field laser physics and applications of secondary radiation sources. Students of the summer school get an introduction to the field of high power lasers, strong-field physics, plasma physics and the generation of secondary radiation sources. Lecturers will provide the latest update on applications to major multidisciplinary fields, including medicine, biology, and material science. The summer school will take place at the DESY Campus in Hamburg, Germany. Students will connect with researchers working with unique laser infrastructure in Hamburg. The summer school will serve as a catalyst for student projects at the University of Hamburg, DESY and the European XFEL as well as partners in the Baltic Sea area.


Registration will open soon.